A Light in the Darkness

After I got done meditating this morning, I sat down on my couch to journal with my tea and my kitty. I started to think about how important it is to be a beacon of light in dark times. In dark times, we need to be able to access our interiority-our inner strength, resilience, knowing, and courage to face challenges. Access our spirit. Our deep and fierce beauty. Our inner guiding light. The one that shines through the darkest of nights. Even if it only a flicker, a smoldering ember at risk of being extinguished, we have to focus on fanning that flame and allowing it to burn brighter, clearer, and with more power to illuminate the darkness with in ourselves(those shadowed and shattered parts that are waiting to be loved and embraced again) and also allowing that interior flame of our spirits radiate out in to the world through our own personal sphere of influence. 

As my inner critic likes to tell me," Don't waste your time with art or writing. Who do you think you are, anyway? You can't do anything to change the world on any real level." Sometimes I succumb to this barrage of disparaging and defeating self-talk that sometimes drives me to tears. Then I stand back up and fight. I go back into my studio and breathe. I light a candle and incense and put on my French Cafe Pandora station, or my Gregorian Chants station and taproot down into that interior river of creative, sensual, pleasurable, and deeply divine energy that each one of us has our own unique connection to that allows us to bring the fullest and highest, most essential and imperative expressions of ourselves into this world. That is how we can heal ourselves and our world.

In our current political climate of fear, exclusion, and disconnect, I would like to offer a different possibility. A different vision. One that embraces and promotes the interconnectivity of all life on Earth-birds, grass, ants, trees, humans, wolves, roadrunners, our living waters-as having the breath of God, of Spirit running through All That Is. The Divine is here on Earth and inside of us, breathing through us, making trees and vegetables grow from seed to nourish our bodies and souls. It shines on our faces every time we wake up in the morning and cocoons us in darkness as we sleep. It sings through birds and emits fragrance though flowers.

Emit the fragrance of your soul. It is life-sustaining, nurturing, and fiercely needed in our world today. I am finding I emit mine through the art I create that comes from this deep sense of connection with all of life and I want to promote and encourage this vision through the energy and imagery I use in paint and wood.

What is your unique fragrance? Your own unique Beauty and the very best of yourself you have inside of you to offer to this world? What are your unique, God/Goddess/Spirit(insert your own preferred name here) given gifts? Share them. Be that beacon of light for those you love and the world around you

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