Blu Root Studios was founded on the premise that Spirit infuses all of Nature with the Breath of Life and Nature sustains and nourishes our bodies and souls with a deep love and interconnectivity with All That Is. 

Blu = Shiva. The Divine Masculine Principle. Pure consciousness. Stillness. Openness.

Root = Shakti. The Divine Feminine Principle. Primordial cosmic energy. Active, dynamic, and vital.

I am inspired to create art by these two complementary and interdependent energies that hold our universe together, as well as the patternings found in Nature and the subtle substances that lie behind and underneath the material world-yet infuses every molecule we see and breathe. They intertwine and breathe in and out of each other in a dance of Sacred Union. The heiros gamos.

I am interested in experiencing and harnessing the power of Shakti, the primordial cosmic energy, and portraying that experience and power of sensual pleasure in my paintings to share with viewers on a visceral level. The paintings employ kinetic and colorful calligraphic line. Spontaneous, dynamic, and loose. Wildly brimming with vitality. The pen and ink drawings are slow, methodical, and subdued. Quiet. These artworks are inspired by the Shiva Principle of pure consciousness and the restful clear space of mind.

The fulcrum point for both approaches to making art is a meditative awareness of the present moment and listening and feeling deeply within movement. Like an ecstatic Sufi dance on one hand, or a walking meditation like the Zen practice of kinhin on the other, both serve to honor the energies that course through our bodies and the world.