Off to France!



Je suis vraiment enthousiaste! That means, "I'm so excited!" in French. I am leaving for France in a little over one week. This will be my first time in my 47 years on earth that I will be flying to Europe. I don't intend it is my last. I was reading an old journal from when I was 37 on my 47th birthday this year and, back then, I was writing about how I wanted to travel the world being an international solo adventurer. 9 of those 10 years I went nowhere outside of the states. I made a pact with myself on that day that I would travel to 10 different countries in 10 years so I don't look back on my 57th birthday with regrets about not following through on my dreams. That's a discouraging feeling, but it also lit a fire under my ass. I now have a list of atleast 10 countries I that want to travel to and experience in wandering, adventurer style, like Kwai Chang Caine. France is first on my list. I leave for Paris in a couple of weeks and then head to Toulouse and Albi. I thought, "If not now, then when?" We never know when our precious time on this beautiful earth of ours will be up, so I'm not waiting anymore.

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